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Member Golf Course Web Site Vol2. GOLF5 Country Bibai Course

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GOLF5 Country Bibai Course – Japanese

The golf course is located in the suburbs of Bibai City in the middle of the Sorachi Plain, about 50 minutes from the Sapporo Interchange on the Hokkaido Expressway. It is the former Alpine Golf Club. The course is a highly strategic 27-hole golf course with 7lakes and white sand bunkers on a flat terrain. It was designed by Pete & Perry Dye. The Scottish-style course is based on natural undulation with natural hazards such as lakes and bunkers cleverly placed. Play is limited to self-pay weekdays and caddie play is allowed on the fairways all days. Also, we have adopted the “One Person Reservation Land” which allows you to make a reservation by yourself if you register as a member. Open competitions are also held on a weekly basis. Early morning play and additional half rates are available for a reasonable price. The restaurant also offers a one-coin menu at 500 yen for a group of three or more people on weekdays. In addition, the “Snow Golf in Bibai” event, where you can enjoy golf on snow even in the middle of winter, is held. You can have a valuable experience on the pressurized snow.

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