Most golf courses in Hokkaido use bent greens, which are highly evergreen and have been introduced at major tournament venues.

Compared to the Japanese grass (Koryo Shiba) at most golf courses in Honshu, the

snow-resistant Western grass has thinner leaf tips, so balls roll over more easily with a light

touch when putting on the green.

A variety of western grasses are used on golf courses in Hokkaido. Greens are bentgrass, which has soft, fine, fine, pale green foliage and makes a beautiful grass. The fairways are made of Kentucky bluegrass, a sturdy grass with wider leaves than bentgrass and especially resistant to tread pressure and mowing. Fescue and ryegrass are used in the rough.

In Hokkaido, there are links courses in the coastal grasslands and mountain courses with many ups and downs and a wide variety of course variations.

There are a number of golf courses that have been used as venues for various tournaments in which many foreign and domestic professional golfers participate.