About Us

Name                   Hokkaido Golf Tourism Association (HGTA)


Representative     Takahashi Seiji


Location              060-0042, Japan

             Yamaichi Building, 14-1-34 Odori West 14-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo


Established          April 2010


Members             Regular members              15 companies

             Associate member              37 companies

             Special member                 1 company

             Supporting members         5 companies

Member List


Purpose of Activities

The Association views golf as a new tourism resource, and through the operation of its official website and other means, we will respond to the demand for overseas golf tourism.

We support the introduction of Hokkaido’s golf courses to the world and the development of foreign tourist reception.


Main Activities

(1) Attracting Inbound Golfers

  Exhibiting at golf tourism conventions in Asia, Europe and the United States, and continuing activities to attract inbound golfers.


(2) Acceptance of inbound golfers

  We have been promoting the development of a system to accept inbound golfers and have actually accepted them.

  In addition, they offer tourism plans that combine with tourism to satisfy customers.


(3) Promotion and awareness-raising activities for golf tourism

  Spread and educate the public about the acceptance of inbound golfers as appropriate.